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Потолочные светильники

» Потолочные светильники

  • светодиодный индикатор 1000 светодиодный индикатор

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    Потолочные светильники
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    • 【USB Rechargeable】This led flashlight is powered by rechargeable battery that allows the flashlight last about 1.5 hours on high mode, 143 hours on Eco Mode, and comes a standard 5v micro USB cable (included) to charges the battery.
    • 【Super Bright Flashlights】The WUBEN flashlight with high brightness 1000 люменов, it utilizes upgraded high-efficiency OSRAM P9 LED and max beam distance up to 200 meters (656 фут) with a wonderful daylight white light color.
    • 【Temperature Control Design】This torch is equipped with integrated ATR temperature control technology that adjusts the power based on the working conditions and the surrounding environment to protect the internal circuits from overheating.
    • 【Battery Indicator】 It is with low battery indicator built into the light and the red/green shows on switch to indicate battery power and charging status. When the remained runtime is less than 30 minutes no matter in which output, the flashlight will flash 3 times every 5 minutes till power off.
    • 【Worry-Free Warranty】WUBEN flashlights support 100% satisfaction guarantee, free repairing within 1 year, manufacturer’s warranty within 5 Years. Our customer service team would be happy to assist your issue.

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