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    Siphon Pump


    1. Scope Of Application: Siphon pump for gasoline, oil, air, water and other common liquids, ideal for emergency gas transfer.
    2. High Quality: Rubber hand pump that starts siphoning liquid flow quickly. 10FT/3M long flexible PVC transparent hose provides easy reach into containers, petrol resistant, avoid corrosion.
    3. Good Structural Design: Built in pump allows you to siphon liquids from one container to another. The fuel transfer pump works only when the target container is lower than the source container.
    4. Conveying Speed: This siphon pump is super easy to use, a great safety and emergency preparedness tool. Will transfer up to 3.5 gallons of liquid per minute. Water pump, fuel pump, air pump, pool pump, gas pump, oil pump etc water transfer pump.
    5. Safe Attention: You never have to start the siphoning process with your mouth again, it's extremely dangerous and grossly inefficient. This siphon pump for gasoline not for use on salt water or copper corroding chemicals.


    • Specifications

    This siphon pumps lets you quickly and easily transfer fuel, gasoline, diesel, water, beer or other liquids from one container to another.

    Product Name: Hand Siphon Pump
    Material: Rubber, Copper, PVC
    Color: Black, Transparent
    Hose Length: 10FT/3M (can be cut as needed)
    Hose Inner Diameter: 0.31 inch/8 mm
    Hose Outer Diameter: 0.4 inch/10 mm
    Quick and clean working
    No manual suction necessary
    Compact size, easy to operate

    How To Use Siphon Pump?
    Use the hand siphon pump to start a siphon flow and then remove the pump and let the liquid flow through the hose with pump removed.
    1. Connect the hose to both ends of the rubber pump. Fasten the buckle well. The little black arrow on the hand pump should point in flow direction, facing down.
    2. Put the input end of hose in source liquid. Use the hose clip to secure the hose in place so it won’t flop out.
    3. Squeeze the hand pump 3 to 5 times and watch as liquid comes towards you.
    4. When liquid comes close you can pinch the hose and remove the hand pump placing hose end in target container.
    5. Gravity will take over and flow will continue.

    Please note:
    1. The fluid you are trying to get rid of has to be up HIGHER than the bucket you are flowing into.
    2. When you put fitting end into the container( you are siphoning from),must keep it inside of the container not just on the surface.

    Siphon Pump Kit Include:
    1 x Rubber Pump
    1 x 10FT/3M Hose transparent
    2 x Spring act as retainer and prevents hose from kinking
    2 x Hose Retainer Clip that can be adjusted for any size hose (blue)
    1 x Flow-Stop clip for tidy transfer (white)
    1 x Brass connector to sink the hose so it would not float
    4 x Bonus Metal Buckle

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