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  • LED Strip Light Connector Cross Shape

    1. Used for 4 pin SMD 5050 RGB LED strip light 10mm width
    2. Cross shape Connector design, make LED strip light turn easily
    3. Make corner connection easy with solderless clip connection
    4. Connectors offer a fast and simple solution for connecting two cut LED strip light
    5. Place notice the “+” and “-” anodes when install
    • Specifications

    Color: White
    Quantity: 10 Pack
    Connector Width: 10mm
    Available in 10mm 4 pin RGB LED strip light
    Open the wire clip and insert the LED strip light into the clip, under the prongs. Make sure to match the “+” and “-” on the LED strip light to the “+” and “-” on the clip. And pull on the LED strip light to confirm you’ve made a solid connection.

    Package Include:
    10 x Cross Shape SMD 5050 RGB Strip Light Connectors

    Zitrades Technical Support
    1.If you have a waterproof LED strip, should peel off silicon on the surface around soldering line area and inserting in the strip light into the connector body and you’ll feel the connector grab the ribbon.
    2.If you have a non-waterproof LED strip, just slide in the ribbon and make sure positive and negative poles match.
    3.This product is used only to conductive connection, want to fixed please to solder.
    4.If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please feel free to drop us an email anytime, we will help you to solve anything on the installation problem and quick reply to you within 24 hours.

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