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  • Ready Welder RWII #10250 MIG Welders with a MIG Spool Gun for running off Miller, Lincoln, Hobart, and Esab machines

    Ready Welder


    1. Welds Steel, Stainless and Aluminum or Any Metals Where Standard
    2. Connects to many DC output welding machines as a spool gun
    3. AC/DC power supply provided for motor control when connected to DC Output Welding Machines
    4. LC 10 type connectors
    5. Does not include ground clamp or battery connection cables


    • Specifications

    1. The RWII Model #10250 is most frequesntly bought and used by welders and welding facilities wanting a MIG Spool Gun attachment to run off their Miller, Lincoln, Hobart, and Esab machines.
    2. This model is an excellent choice for welders that have engine drivers or those that weld aluminum in the shop connected to a MIG or Stick machine.
    3. This model is about 1/3 of the cost of most other manufacturer’s spool guns. It is cabled similar to other spool guns in that there is no ground cable supplied, as most of these machines already have the ground built into them.
    4. This model can run off batteries by the user supplying the ground cable and the series cable for the batterries. Also includes our AC/DC Power Converter to supply 24V DC when hooked up to CC (Constant Current) stick welding machines.

    1. Cabled as a spool gun attachment for all DC output welders
    2. Welds Steel, Stainless and Aluminum or Any Metals Where Standard One or Two Pound Spools are Available
    3. Connects to Batteries
    -12 Volt Battery Can do Thin Sheet Metal
    -24 Volt will Single Pass 1/2″ @275 amp
    -36 Volt will Weld up to 3/4″ @350 to 400 amp
    4. Welds 22 Gage to 3/4″
    5. Ground Cable not supplied
    6. Connects to MIG/Constant Voltage, Stick/Constant Current Welding Machines
    7. Uses Wire Sizes from 0.023 to 0.046 without Changing Rollers
    8. Uses Heavy-Duty Tweco Quality Front End Consumables
    9. Wire Speeds of 50 Inches to 900 Inches Per Minute
    10. Polarity Indicator Lights
    11. Twenty Foot Cable with Quick Disconnects, Can be Extended to 100 Feet12. Built-in Gas Valve

    Package Included:
    RWII High-Impact MIG Gun
    Twenty Feet of Cable
    One Spool of Flux Core Wire
    Extra Tips and Gas Hose Fitting
    Ten Extra Feet of Gas Hose
    Foam Lined Blow-Molded Tough Briefcase
    AC/DC Power Supply to Drive Gun Controls When Connected to a CC Power Source

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